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The Wolverine Sports Club started as the Wolverine Wheelman in 1888. The club was based in Detroit and continued until it became a victim of the Great Depression in 1931. In 1934, Jack Fletcher reorganized the club and registered it with the ABL (Amateur Bicycle League of America) later USCF and now USA Cycling and it enjoyed continued prosperity.

In 1937, the club’s headquarters became Mike Walden’s Continental Bike Shop in Detroit, and followed the shop's moves ending up in Hazel Park. In 1949, a board of directors was established to guide the club philosophically. Other sports that were a part of the club at this time were: hockey, boxing, track and field, speedskating, and cross country skiing. 

In 1950, WSC merged with the Berkley Speedskating Club and grew considerably in size. In 1972, cross-country skiing was added as a major sport and the club assumed it’s current form and became known as the Wolverine Sports Club.

WSC was voted the United States Cycling Federations Club of the Year in 1991. Up to that time 28% of all National medal winners came from WSC. In 1997 the WSC became a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation. 

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