Wolverines and Friends:

A WSC Covid-19 ride policy has been released effective May 3rd, 2021 and will be updated as appropriate. A majority of our rides have now started. Sign up to our google group email list for the latest ride notifications.

Please be smart and stay healthy.




Cycling is the largest focus of the Wolverine Sports Club. There are training/touring group rides 7 days a week across Metro Detroit including Royal Oak, Beverly Hills, Grosse Pointe, New Baltimore, Northville, and Stony Creek Metropark.  Rides vary in distance from 25 to 100 miles with differing average speeds and are supervised by experienced ride leaders. See the WSC ride schedule below. Riders of all ability levels are welcome to join. Enjoy riding with other experienced riders, and learn proper riding techniques, pack etiquette, and other skills. WSC also maintains a large presence at all major Michigan and regional tours such as DALMAC, WAM, CFC, TOSRV and One Helluva Ride.

Club Rides adhere to Group Ride rules and techniques. Download the WSC Cycling 101 and Concussion Basics below, covering the basics of group riding. All WSC members are required to review this information.

Download the 2020 WSC Mileage Log below. The PDF Chart version allows you to write in and add up your mileage.   The Excel Spreadsheet version calculates weekly and cumulative miles. The summary area automatically identifies your biggest mile day and biggest mile week.  The Spreadsheet version has protected/locked cells to ensure no accidental erasure of a formula; unprotect the sheet with the password “ride”. Both versions support year-to-year comparisons.


The Elite Racing team is dedicated to promoting road and mountain bike racing at the highest levels. The team places a strong emphasis on youth development, with the goal of sending young riders to National Championship races. See the Racing Qualifications  download below.



Rules for all rides: Helmets and bicycles in good working order are mandatory at all times on all rides. Riders are strongly encouraged to carry personal ID and emergency contact information (such as an I.C.E. entry in your cell phone). Always carry a spare tube, tire levers, and a pump or CO2 cartridge. Ride leaders/other riders can usually provide help, but please don’t count on others to have repair items for you.


All Northville rides start at the Northville Square Parking lot (MAGS) on the SW corner of W. Cady and S. Center streets, across from the Northville Downtown Post Office.

Northville-Wednesday Night Ride

Leaves every “pavement dry” Wednesday at 6:00PM from the downtown Northville Square parking lot (across the street from the US Post Office on Cady Street).   

This is a “no drop” ride, in the spring, typically 16 MPH average (you will see 18+ MPH on your bike computer).   Later in the season the ride may be a bit faster. Typical road distance is 30 to 35 miles, mostly on Hines Drive.   Road bikes are appropriate until mid-September when we switch to Gravel or Mountain Bikes with lights to ride to Maybury on pavement, dirt and paved trails.

Ride Leaders:

Morresa Meyer -  (248) 752-3502

Eric Noffz - (248) 349-3432

Northville - Saturday AM Ride

Schedule: In April we roll out at 10am. In May through September we roll out 8am unless otherwise announced.

The pace is usually 18-20 MPH average overall for 45-65 miles to Ann Arbor, Dexter, or Brighton. We then not so gradually work our way up to 60-65 miles and about 20 MPH. Once or twice a year, we’ll try to work in one or two 80-mile routes just for fun. It’s not an “A” group full of wannabe racers, but we’re not a slow, leisurely group either.

Please know your abilities. We try to keep the group together by regrouping after hard sections, but please be responsible and know you can do the pace and distance. If you think you’re at risk of not being able to maintain the pace of the group, please pay attention to the roads so you know how to get back to where you started.

Ride Leader: Bill Dieter,

Northville - Sunday AM Ride
Schedule: Sunday 9am (Spring & Summer); 10am (Fall/Early Spring)

Pace: Mostly moderate, regroups at 3 designated points after fast/slow hilly stretches.

Route: Spring/Summer: 44 miles with a coffee shop stop in Ypsilanti: Ugly Mug Ride
Fall: 35 miles mostly on dirt roads to a cider mill: Dirt & Donuts Ride (watch WSC Yahoo Group email list for change)

Ride Leader: Brian Negele,

Watch the WSC Yahoo Group email list for time (9/10am) and road surface (paved/dirt) changes. Post-ride refueling at the Northville Sports Den.


Grosse Pointe - Sunday AM Ride
Schedule: Leaves at 10am (early Spring) 9am (late Spring/Early Summer) 8am (high/hot summer months) 9am (Autumn).

Sunday departure from the Grosse Pointe Woods City Offices has a variety of start times depending on the weather and season, so it is important to join the Wolverine Sports Club to take advantage of the email list and Facebook page. The start is located at: 20025 Mack Plaza Drive, Grosse Pte. Woods, MI 48236-2397. Enjoy secure parking next to the police station.

Pace changes from slow in the spring to moderate then to fast as the year and cycling season progresses so join up early. Average pace ranges from 15-20 MPH. Distance ranges from 35-100 miles. Rides stay together, regroups as needed.

Ride Leader: Glenn,, and via Facebook page.

Overview: A bicycle riding group that starts in Grosse Pointe Woods on Sunday Mornings with rides are to Mt. Clemens for breakfast or to Detroit for coffee and a light snack. Century rides are sort of special events and are sometimes held on Saturdays. Rides will often venture to destinations like Grosse Isle or a lap around Outer Drive, too, so be prepared for anything! This ride is sponsored by the Wolverine Sports Club and includes many seasoned riders dedicated to bring novice cyclists comfortably and safely into this great activity called cycling with a particular focus on developing group riding skills. Participants are encouraged to join the club. Helmets and bicycles in good working order are mandatory.

Up to the minute ride details are best found on the Eastside Wolverine Ride Group Facebook page:
All may view, only WSC members may join.

Grosse Pointe AC&F - Wednesday Night Ride
American Cycle and Fitness Grosse Pointe Store, 20343 Mack Ave, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236
Ride Leader: Russ St. John


WSC Beverly Rides depart from Beverly Elementary School parking lot, 18305 Beverly Rd (13 1/2 Mile), between Evergreen and Southfield Roads in Beverly Hills, Michigan, OR from Beverly Park to the east of the school.  There are public restrooms at the park.

Read the Blog and register for automatic email updates at

Watch the Beverly Ride Blog for notices on varying ride times due to weather, especially later weekend starts early and late season. Early season rides are shorter and easier, so start early to stay on.

Beverly Hills - Tuesday and Thursday Night Rides
These rides go 25-35 miles returning just before Sunset. Routes variable at leader discretion. Tuesday is lead by Jeffrey and generally goes to the west on a highly variable route. Thursday is lead by Jim and usually takes a fixed route through Auburn Hills and towards the Rochester area. Tuesdays are generally more beginner friendly than Thursdays due to route and pace.

Beverly Hills - Tuesday Night Ride


Hilly fixed route 30 miles moderate+ pace. May through September. Beverly School. This is a drop ride with reasonable regroups.
Ride Leader: Tony Scooros

Beverly Hills - Saturday and Sunday AM Rides 

NOTE: The Sunday Ride is suspended until further notice due to lack of a Ride Leader.  If you are interested in leading this ride please contact Chuck Reynolds, VP Touring.
Routes variable at leader discretion. Saturday lead by Jeffrey. Saturdays are more beginner-friendly than Sundays due to route and length. Includes coffee stop: Saturday coffee is normally at the Starbucks on Orchard Lake Rd at Pontiac Trail. Sunday coffee is normally in or near Rochester.

These are user-friendly intermediate pace rides for recreational riders. Leaders attempt to keep the ride compact and grouped, and the ride will stop and provide REASONABLE assistance for mechanical issues and flats. This is NOT a NO-DROP ride, but the pace is adjusted for the group and weaker riders will not be intentionally stranded. This ride is NOT a racing, race training or hammer-fest ride. Yes, ladies, there are normally women on this ride and we endeavor not to lose any along the way. The best way to see if you can handle the pace is to come and try – most people do fine and we work at helping novices be successful.

Newer and developing riders are welcome and may receive coaching from ride leaders or more experienced riders in the group. Routes are VARIABLE at ride leader discretion covering much of Oakland County – don’t ask for a map, because there isn’t one! You should be riding a road-racing bicycle to carry the pace.


Royal Oak - Wednesday Night Ride


Start and finish at Fountain behind the Royal Oak Library, 222 E. 11 Mile Road,

A social ride through local neighborhoods to Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills and back.

A rolling pace of 15-18+ mph.  Ride distance is 32-35 miles.

Route to Cranbrook is consistent with some spirited route options through the Cranbrook hills and around Cranbrook school.  

Rest stop and regroup at Christ Church parking lot before returning to Royal Oak.

Ride notifications are via the Google Groups Wolverine List.

All Non-Members are required to sign a club ride waiver.

Ride Leader:  Kamilo Susman (

Royal Oak - Friday Night Ride
Fountain next to the Royal Oak Library, 222 E. 11 Mile Rd. Adjacent parking lot has 3-hour meters.
For individuals looking for a steady 12-14 MPH average no drop pace. Route and distance mirrors the Wednesday Night Ride from Royal Oak to Cranbrook but is slightly shorter, 24 miles. The Bridging the Gap Ride is great for new riders that want an additional ride to help them increase their conditioning and speed.
Ride Leader: Calvin T Hughes


New Baltimore - Tuesday Night Ride


Starting May 25, 2021 until September 21, 2021

From Anchor Bay Bicycle & Fitness - 35214 23 Mile Rd., New Baltimore, MI 48047

Join Steve & Deb Angst for a 40 mile ride from New Baltimore through Algonac to Marine City, and back. Average Pace 20 to 23 mph.  Roads are flat, fast, and smooth, with a good stretch by the water. If it is warm enough...there will be a short Ice Cream stop at the 26 mile mark.

Ride Leaders:  Steve & Deb Angst

(586) 524-3657


Start in Beverly Hills at 8:30am (Beverly School, 18305 Beverly Rd.)
Start in Royal Oak at 9:15am (Fountain next to the Royal Oak Library, 222 E. 11 Mile Rd.)

Ride pace: Moderate Pace 14-21 MPH with a fast Lap of Belle Isle 21+ MPH. The ride will regroup.

Ride Leader: Jean-Claude Azar,

The ride leaves from Beverly Hills then goes out to Belle Isle and comes back through Downtown Detroit, Royal Oak and finishes back in Beverly Hills. There is a coffee and snack stop in Midtown, near the Wayne State University campus. Urban ride experience!

Approximate Ride distance:
From Beverly Hills 60 Miles
From Royal Oak 40 Miles


Come explore the City of Detroit with visits and stops at various historical and fun locations, usually with food and/or coffee stops. Routes will vary to keep it interesting with Ride Distance typically 35-45+ miles.

Occasional special rides of a longer length in and/or outside of the City of Detroit during the riding season.

Start and finish in Royal Oak at the Fountain next to the Royal Oak Library, 222 E. 11 Mile Rd.

Ride pace: Casual moving speed about 15-19+ MPH.

Rides are at the call of the Ride Leader. Ride notifications are via the Google  Groups WSC-Community email list. All Non-Members are required to sign a club ride waiver.

Ride Leader: Lee Hoffman. If interested, email him at