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Recurring Weekly Rides

NOTE: Most rides have ended for the winter.

Look for WSC Yahoo emails regarding special winter rides.

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Belle Isle Rides 
Every Third Saturday of each month, April through October the Belle Isle rolls . Starts at Beverly school Southfield, MI at 8:30AM and arrives at the Royal Oak Library parking lot at 9:15AM. The Start at 8:30 am but may be adjusted in April and October to allow for additional day light/warmth. Moderate Pace: 16-21MPH.  60 miles from Beverly school, 44 miles from Royal Oak Library. Ride from the suburbs to the city and back. Participants should be comfortable with riding into the city in light traffic. Ride goes South using Eastside Roads: East State Fair, East Outer Dr. Conner Ave.  (With a short stop at McDonalds) and then East Jefferson to the Belle Isle Bridge for a brisk lap of Belle Isle. Some riders may choose to skip the Belle Isle lap and go directly to the Tim Horton.   After the Belle Isle lap the group stops for coffee and pastry at Tim Hortons or will continue to Avalon Bakery near Wayne State University.   The ride returns North through the New Center Area Second Ave and/or Hamilton Ave. Finally, ride concludes at Beverly School after traveling back through Royal Oak. (Contact: Jean-Claude Azar) Ride Leader.

 General Note On All Beverly B-Rides
WSC Beverly Ride Website
These are user-friendly intermediate pace rides for recreational riders.  Leaders attempt to keep the ride compact and and grouped, and the ride will stop and provide REASONABLE assistance for mechanicals and flats.  This is NOT a NO-DROP ride, but the pace is adjusted for the group and weaker riders will not be intentionally stranded.  This ride is NOT racing or race training.  Newer and developing riders are welcome and may receive coaching from ride leaders or more experienced riders in the group.  Routes are VARIABLE at ride leader discretion covering much of Oakland County - don't ask for a map, because there isn't one!  Watch the Wolverine Mailing List for notices on varying ride times due to weather, especially early and late season.  Early season rides are shorter and easier, so start early to stay on.

Ride Decorum or Rules of the Road
Entry level pace is 16-18 mph. Moderate pace is 18-21 mph. Fast pace is 21mph+. Rides aren't race training unless indicated.
Ride safely and responsibly. Obey all traffic laws. Hard shell helmet is mandatory. Pump, spare tubes or patch kit, tire levers, and water should also be carried.  No head phones allowed. Stop the ride for any breakdown.  Maximum of two abreast on clear roads, single file if the situation is at all questionable. When “car back” is heard, merge to the right. Maintain the advertised pace. Know your riding capabilities. Ride as right as practicable. Watch for opening car doors/look ahead. Change speeds or direction in a predictable manner. Never cross wheels. Use warnings only when riders need to take evasive action. Point out potentially serious obstacles to others. Never assume that an intersection is clear. Do not make obscene or unfriendly gestures towards motorists.

2014 Mileage Chart      2014 Mileage Spreadsheet

The 2014 WSC Mileage Log comes in two versions:

The PDF Chart you write in and add up your mileage.

The Excel spreadsheet version allows you to log your miles and it calculates weekly and cumulative miles for you.  New this year, the summary area automatically identifies your biggest mile day and biggest mile week.

Both documents will allow you to make a year to year comparison. The spreadsheet has protected/locked cells to ensure no accidental erasure of a formula, but you can modify it by unprotecting the sheet with the password “ride”.

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